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About Building Tomorrow's Schools

Building Tomorrow’s Schools, Inc. (BTS) is a 501c3 not-for profit corporation formed to foster, promote, and support academic excellence by helping local school districts to provide high quality public educational facilities, while easing the financial burden on local government.

About Building Tomorrow's Schools
BTS address the following issues
BTS addresses the following issues -
  • Limitations in bonding capacity
  • Demand for new facilities in residential growth areas
  • Restricted financial resources
  • Financial benefits to the district by use of alternative facility delivery methods
Board Members
Tisa Oldham

Tisa Oldham

As an effective leader, Ms.Tisa Oldham has an extensive track record of success in significantly improving operational and financial performance through strategic management, targeted action plans and innovative solutions. She received a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Florida State University and Master of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. She has a wide range of experience in the areas of finance and technology. Currently she provides consulting services and/or project management services for local businesses, with emphasis on fundraising, operations management, event planning, customer service improvement, financial improvement, community awareness, crisis management, and/or Information Technology.

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